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  • PTFE lined pipe & fittings PTFE lined pipe & fittings PTFE lined pipe, Elbows, Tees, Reducers, blind flange, spacer ...
  • PTFE/PFA hose & tube PTFE/PFA hose & tube PTFE / PFA tube, Convoluted Hose, bends, level gauge ... could be cover the SUS braid or rubber hose.
  • ECTFE/Halar coated ductwork ECTFE/Halar coated ductwork The duct of semiconductor plant that coating diameter of 100 to 3000, we can produce high quality and affordable.
  • ETFE coated centrifugal machine ETFE coated centrifugal machine The centrifuge equipmen whole coating ETFE, chemical resistant to ensure the quality of your products.
  • SUS304 tank lined PTFE sheet SUS304 tank lined PTFE sheet The tanks lined PTFE need to cleaning carefully and inspection totally to ensure quality
  • Food processing non-stick coating Food processing non-stick coating Food grade non-stick coating, according the FDA (Food and Drug Administration for short the FDA) FDA21CFR 177.1550 of food-grade certification.
  • FRP-PVDF tank cover FRP FRP-PVDF tank cover FRP PVDF tanks covered with FRP, chemical and alkali resistant ,lightweight tank.


Fluoropolymer Product ( Teflon), Fast Delivery, Friendly Service, Favorable Quality


All kinds of (Teflon)fluoro-resin coating, PTFE lined pipe & fittings, Tank & Stirrer lining PTFE sheets, FRP storage Tank lining PVDF-SK or PTFE plate, PTFE and PFA convoluted tube and hose, TEFLON tube and pipes ,sheets or any other fluoropolymer engineering products...etc.






The coating is in order to expect and use the well-known large factory in the world in one time.

Such as Dupont Teflon®, Daikin Neoflon®, Solvay Halar®, PFA, MFA, Whitford Xylan, Victrex® PEEK ...

The largest oven in our factory can apply and hold four meters long and six meters high work pieces inside.




杜邦 Dupont Teflon®, 大金 Daikin Neoflon®, 3M Dyneon PTFE, TFM的粉料, Simona , Rochling, 3P,PVDF & PTFE Sheet, Richter 球閥...等。